28 January 2012

Sometimes I find myself in such a bad mood that I don't feel like to do anything, to talk to anyone just stay alone with my thoughts and some chocolate. The last thing I want is to smile. If you have ever met to this feeling, you may understand easier how precious these smiles what we've got from Baby Grace in her really bad mood. 

And James...He is soooo coool!!! :))) I've absolutely fall in love with him!! He is the dream of all the photographers. He made me poses, amazed me with his lovely smiles and funny jokes. 

 And they are together just perfect!!!

24 January 2012

So hard to say Goodbye....

I am looking forward a very exciting afternoon today. This is because two of my best friends are going to move to an other country next week. We'll spend this afternoon together, drink some hot chocolate  and walk on the beach, so my plan is to take some pics with them. I'd like to give these photos to them as memory from Sligo and from me of course. I'm just hoping to get at least 20 minutes without rain... and maybe with some sunshine:))) You'll see the result soon:)) xxx

21 January 2012

I've learned a lot of things today. For example to have a lovely grandad in the family is not just precious but very handy as well make big smiles to the kids  :)) The second one is even if the start is hard in the end it can be brilliant. I've shoot more than 100 pics, but all the bests are from the last 20 min. The third one that tiny toes are can be soooo photogenic:))) Anyhow I have had a nice and warm welcome in this lovely family and Im really thankful for this. Hope you can feel the precious moments the lively atmosphere on the pics and you enjoy it!!! With Love: Mariann:))) 

14 January 2012

Baby Faith - Baby Smile

I know this lovely little girl very well and just LOVE her!! Although she wasn't in her best mood she was willing to give some gorgeous smile to make us happy:)) Thank You Baby Faith:)))

12 January 2012

This party was a real challenge!!! Busy place, poor lighting and I didn't wat to scare the guys with continuosly fleshing...but in the end I've got some really nice one:)) I hope you can see and feel on the pics how excited and brilliant was that evening!!!;))

A cute little angel was a shiny light in the party:))

11 January 2012

Caoimhin ' s 1st birthday party

An enjoyable birthday party always gives a good chance to shoot some nice portrait as well !!! So easy to get some smiles:)))

9 January 2012


Rosses Point

I'll never forget that awsome shiny day at the beginning of November, when I've met with this lovely family on the Rosses Point's beach. Everything passed off in a couple of minutes, but presented some unforgetable memories.