21 December 2012

Happy Holidays

Well, you may think that Newborn Photography is easy - just put there the baby and snap....oh dear....No, it's not "that" easy!!! But its wonderful! :)
And in the end everybody is happy...
Mum and Dad are happy for the photos, Baby is happy because she doesn't have to sleep in a basket anymore... and the Photographer is happy for this fabulous family is HAPPY :)))

Sophia is a real Christmas Baby... Marry Christmas guys!!! :)))

20 December 2012

Sophia Lynne

Let me introduce Sophia Lynne - little angel. and a wonderful Christmas gift to her lovely family :) Her very first photo session is done. More photos coming soon!!!

17 December 2012

A little bit different

I've got my car repaired today and it took half a day... As my mechanic lives too far from me I had to wait till it was done. What would you do if you had some spare hours in a garage???? Ok-ok I know I could have walk into the town center and do some shopping... Instead I took these awesome shoots :D I know they are a bit different, mostly very artistic - maybe a bit scary compared to the lovely baby shoots, but the light was extraordinary cool because of the reflectors and the main role of a portrait shoot is completed as I totally got Andy's character in his environment. Jah...both of us did a great job :)

9 December 2012

Christmas is just around the corner and I've got a chance to catch up with this lovely family for a special Christmas photo shoot with christmassy decoration, clothes, props, atmosphere etc.! I must say I was deeply impressed by everything I saw and experienced. Baby Rion was in a very good form and he gave his 100%. Torres said she was shy, but she wasn't shy at all...in 5 mins we became little friends and I was strongly tempted to play with her instead of photographing :DDD Probably that's why I spent extraordinary long time with them - many apologies guys ;) Let's check out the result!!