6 December 2013

Conferring Ceremony - Sligo IT - Part 2.

I've promised to show you some more from this event, so here you are :) Now I've collected to you these variations of portraits, and still have some family ones for next time. 

4 December 2013

Conferring Ceremony 2013 - Sligo IT

I am not a typical event photographer. No really, I am not. I took this job only because I know this family quite well and they are too lovely to be turned down :) 2 days, 2 diplomas, 2 sessions ... an extra family session in the end... and the result got framed!! Ah! Love the times when the hard work pays off... I share only a few photos today so make sure you'll be back later ;)

3 December 2013

Go for Vintage

Ah this beauty!! Just look at her!! I am really thankful that she is not only beautiful but a very good companion as well. It's never a good deal to arrange an outdoor session in Ireland. If you live here, you know what I am talking about. Professional make up and hair, gorgeously designed outfit, we were all set, only the weather forgot to do its job, so we spent the afternoon in the car looking for a good place to make it. (Never believe to the forecast...) We ended up in the church and finished the session there... how was it? You decide! :) Wisdom for the day: "Having a studio is good. Do it without is fun" :D

21 September 2013

Fairy tale wedding in Sligo Clarion ...

Why is it that I can talk about babies and baby sessions all day long but somehow when I load up these pictures and I want to say something, I am speechless? My first wedding ever... Ok, the first wedding where I've got this honor to capture the most important moments and maybe some of the less important ones... :)))
That day - and I mean every single minutes of it - touched my heart so deeply I cannot properly express with words. The atmosphere, the people... the sense that it is about only one moment still about eternity...  That morning I wept with the bride, I was tempted to have breakfast with their family - next time maybe :) - I felt God's presence in a hotel's chapel, I was on every single point of an imaginary emotional scale ... And now I let the photos to continue on what I have to say...

To see more please click here : Vanessa & Pete's Wedding

20 August 2013

Save the date ...

After a long holiday brake I caught up with this pretty couple for an engagement session. They have many nice memories connected to Dunmoran beach so it seemed to be the best place to go. However the forecast was just terrible we decided to give it a try ... and miraculously we got an amazing weather! :)

I cannot explain properly the atmosphere that surrounds this petite girl and his man but believe me it is something unusual... and something really really good :))) 

Just check these photos and you will know what am I talking about ....