23 July 2012

Roisin Princess

Before you see the pictures you need to know that the little Roisin is NOT LIKE a Princess, but she IS a Princess :))) A real, active, stunning princess, who knows what she wants - if she feels like to smile, she does... if she doesn't....well... :)))) But it is still ok, because she is so incredibly cute, that in the end it doesn't matter she smiles or not you just love her!!! :))) And all these actually more than enough for some great photos:))  Let's start with my favourite one:

20 July 2012

The story of baby Hannah...

I was very excited to use my new set of tiny hats and I was even more excited to photograph the georgeous baby Hannah...so that was a really good day! However she was not in her best mood we managed to get a lovely smile from her, and I must say that all of us ( Mum, Dad, Sam and I) did a grat job!!! :))) And I really have to a special thank you to Sam, who is such a good boy and who helped me a lot!! xxx

13 July 2012

This session has completed our series with Joujou and her lovely family! Right after the maternity shoot I've got a chance with the baby Josh and now we came together for a family session, all of them together! It was fun and we did a great job! Let's enjoy the result! :)

12 July 2012

Happy Birthday Chloe!!!

We have been so blessed on Chloe's birthday!!! We arranged an outdoor session, however the weather was just horrible in those days... and miraculously we got a dry hour to shoot :))) The garden was awesome and the colours are just stunning:))) And it was more than a pleasure to work with this Lovely Young Lady!! Happy Birthday Chloe!! :)))))

2 July 2012

Fun in the town with Iveta - urban style

I've got an other challenge from Iveta... She was very happy with the result of the last session, but this time she wanted something very cool, not so natural, not so romantic but still girly... Ok, challenge accepted!!! :))) I immediately knew what style she need...so we arranged a meeting in town @7am (!!!!!) and inspite of the rain started to create something really cool!!! Here you are:

Challenge completed :)