29 April 2013


Some more from Rachel ...

My shortest photo shoot ever ...

This session with Rachel was my shortest session ever...  and probably the shortest photo shoot in the history :DDD But it's fine ... I've got the result I expected :) 

Hair by Lydia Murray
Make up by Adriana Ricci

27 April 2013

Well done Kaya! :)

As an on location photographer I already had to shoot on many places... but let me show you my favorite of all: a hidden corridor of  the Quayside Shopping Centre ... and this is Kaya one of my favorite models I've ever worked with. She is is gorgeous, talented and poses like a pro! Well done ladies ;)

Hair by Lydia Murray
Make up by Adriana Ricci 

1 model - 3 looks

Hair by Dezso Racz, Dex
Make up by Adriana Ricci

Challenge accomplished! :)

Taking a walk with a lovely family on a quiet Saturday morning is beyond compare for me... the fresh air, the morning sunshine and just having fun, I love it :) Than I can't wait to go home, load up the pictures and see the result... Today I am very happy. Happy to get this feeling, happy to meet this family and happy to capture lots of smiles from this 2 little fellows and nice, organized photos even if I was said its nearly impossible :))) Well, I think challenge is accomplished ;)

I know parents usually don't like silly faces on photos but look at this is sooo cool!! :))