28 March 2012

You know guys I enjoy this beauty staff better and better. It's not easy anyway cause the beauty industry is constantly pouring out the nicest fashion photos day by day and I am not sure I could compete with them and their photos, but you know what! I love to do it! I love to see the happiness on my model's face and hear the exclamation: "Oh wooooow! Is that really me?????? I didn't know I am this beautiful!!!" So I am not disappointed at all...just keep going and who knows what is in the future??? More picture are coming soon with an other stunning girl...
(If you would like to give a try with me, just let me know anyway;) )

26 March 2012

First but not least!

I had a great fun yersterday with Samuel and Daniel, they are really cool guys. Full of life and smiles and I just wish I had so much energy they have :))) And their mum...!!! Oh my goodness:)) The word "beautiful" is not enough to describe her! It was not the lost time we've met this way, cause they are waiting for a new arrival, you can see him soon:)))

21 March 2012

The Dilemma

I've never thought I'll shoot anything else with joy but babies, toddlers, tiny toes or loving families. I don't even know how I found myself in the middle of the beauty photography. It is so much different. Different lights and settings, places and vision are needed, but one thing is the same. I have to show to the people how amazingly beautiful they are....because of many reason, they just don't know. I don't know why, but so many attractive mums full of daily problems; or anyone who is not 18 anymore - they just can't believe they still can show up stunningly. I love that project and plan to spend some more times in it besides the kids and tiny toes ;)

Well... look at her!! Isn't she stunning??? I am looking forward the next session on Saturday - full of ideas!! Just wait for it:))    

15 March 2012

Joshua - The best baby ever

I was so excited because of this session, that I hardly was able to sleep at all the night before. I wanted to do everything perfect, cause I know how valuable was from this family that they let me to take these pictures in that intimate and very precious time what they have at the moment. Joshua is only 6 days old on these photos... and he is such a perfect baby. He let us to pose him in tousand different way 2 hours long without crying:))))) He is a Photo*!!! :))) 

3 March 2012

Without video...

Just a few days ago...mum and her doughter...took a videoshoot with their testimony, that was a great experience:)) I've got some pics too but hopefully we can arrange soon a "normal" session:))