30 March 2013

My very special Easter family and the cutie puppy :)

I just can't find words to describe how much I love this family and how much I am thankful to them for this afternoon we spent together. Yeah.. we actually spent together the whole afternoon, what is quite funny because normally I get a session done in an hour or two... but somehow this gang'd got me second time for a kind of "photography marathon" :D And I don't mind it at all ;)

Honestly guys... having fun with you made me forget about how much I miss my family this time around Easter so I would like to say a very special THANK YOU for all of you! You are simply wonderful and I really trust that the images are truthfully reflect my gratitude... and that you've got what you expected... or even a little bit more ;)))

Here is a collection of the family photos only in B&W...

The very girly one :)

7 March 2013

Total makeover - that's amazing!

Total makeover of a gorgeous girl for a competition. Honestly, this project is amazing and I just love to work with this team! Special thanks to Adriana, Ewelina and Dex - you've made my day!! :)

6 March 2013

Golden make up - brilliant job

Ah! I have such a lovely day! First because the sun was shining all day and I could smell the spring in the air! (It encouraged me greatly considering that some flu tries to win over me again.)  On the other hand because I've got the chance to make a session again with Adriana Ricci, who is the most talented make up artist I know. Ok, you can say I probably don't know too many of them but believe me Adriana can make miracles with her beauty stuff and we make a very good team together!  :))

What's more it was a great pleasure to work with Emma who is totally photogenic and lovely. I seriously think she could make money with modeling :) 

I basically love Black &White photos but I must admit this time I hardly decided to edit some as the colors were just so perfect anyway.

 You can see more photos by me and more stunning creations by Adriana if u follow the link:  Beauty by Ricci

4 March 2013

If mothers were flowers I'd pick you...

If funniest and greatest photo sessions were flowers I'd pick this one :) Ok, I know that every session is my favorite one, but this one was really-really a special one! First because it was a surprise and I love surprises :)) Than because we've organized it to my favorite beach ever - we've got a quite pretty weather, great company and what else we need to make a Saturday morning wonderful?? :) On the other hand it was my very first official Mother's Day session! Applause please!!! :))))

I've found this card in a book I picked up randomly while waiting for the family - Hmm... I don't believe in accidents!! :)

These boots make me constantly smile!! Is it normal? 

Honestly! How cute is this little man? It was not the first time I tried to snap him but it was definitely the first one when he posed me while showing his face, not his back... even a wee smile...ah! That's a miracle!! :))

Ok, this generation photo is not completely my idea, but... it is just such a great and mind blowing idea that worth to give up some of my pride :))

Showing the images was almost as good as creating them. The result is at least 24 "Goooorgeous" and 32 "Lovely" which is a really good rate :))) Mother's Day is just around the corner and I'm looking forward to a busy couple of days. Will be back soon with the latest! Happy Monday!!!! :)))