10 May 2012

The oncoming summer has inspired me to get some new propses and I just can't wait to use them! I'll get 4 tiny newborn hats in these days and I am soooo excited:)) This gave me the idea to suprize you with something special...If you have a newborn baby (0-3 months) or you know someone who has a newborn baby, you have nothing else to do but book a session as soon as possible, cause the 4 quickest applicants will get a gift session for FREE!!! So? What are you waiting for???? :)

Choose the best day and ...

- Call or Text now on 0868924936
- Email now on artmara.photography@gmail.com
- Send a message now on facebook www.facebook.com/artmara

For terms and conditions please check the 'Latests'!!!

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