9 December 2012

Christmas is just around the corner and I've got a chance to catch up with this lovely family for a special Christmas photo shoot with christmassy decoration, clothes, props, atmosphere etc.! I must say I was deeply impressed by everything I saw and experienced. Baby Rion was in a very good form and he gave his 100%. Torres said she was shy, but she wasn't shy at all...in 5 mins we became little friends and I was strongly tempted to play with her instead of photographing :DDD Probably that's why I spent extraordinary long time with them - many apologies guys ;) Let's check out the result!!


  1. What a beautiful set of photos.
    What a beautiful family!

    You surely must love what you do.... there is much more than pure technical excellence in each photo. Love is the key!
    (PS I came here through a FB link from Kelly)


    1. Thanks Carol for your kind words:) You are right I really LOVE what I do! I am a witness of Jesus' LOVE that's totally changed my life and I'm delighted to proclaim - through my photos - that LOVE makes a difference! :)))Thanks for your comment xxx