12 February 2013


This session with Pam & Anthony was not an ordinary session. It was a so called BELOVED session. I've read about beloved sessions first just a couple of days ago and got very enthusiastic about it. All this is about moments, true experiences, true love and joy. The aim is to create a loving and very relaxed atmosphere for the couples where they can forget about their daily troubles and busyness and focus on one another. Remember memories, old stories and dream about new ones... It supposed to be a life changing, relationship healing session...and it's just happen that there is a photographer too.

Well, I've got really excited when Pam hired me to this session as a Valentine's day surprise:)) What a brilliant idea, ha? :D

It seemed to be the best occasion for me to kick start a new carrier in BELOVED style, but you know what? It wasn't. Because they are so good. They are totally OK. I know they enjoyed the session, I know it was good for them too to take a wee brake, but they are so much in love... They are really really OK.

As the Song of Songs 2.16 says in the Bible: "My beloved is mine and I am his". They are completed and satisfied and it was so good to see that, and I've learned a lot! Thanks so much guys sharing with me these pure and wonderful moments and letting me to capture some of them...May God bless you and keep your pure and natural LOVE forever!!! 

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