22 April 2013

A (not so) professional photo shoot and my 2 lessons to share

Well, that's right... it's going to be a very honest post :) With a very little experience I've started this project a couple of weeks ago and I still don't know whether I was more anxious or more enthusiastic?! Whatever it is, the first session begun and simply because I didn't know what to expect, I was quite unprepared.

I know it is something that people don't like to admit, but honestly isn't improvement means a lot? :)
If you think that photographing a model is the same than snapping a baby there you are mistaken. I have lots of experiences with families and kids but it didn't help me this time.

It was completely different and extremely complicated. I had to make it through a store window in a busy shopping centre, the model didn't get the outfit she expected to wear,  I've got very bad lightning, I couldn't communicate with the model properly through the window and so on ...

Okay. Here is my 1st lesson: If you are not properly prepared beforehand, you need to work so much more afterwards! I mean... A LOT! :) And there is a wee problem with this according to my experiences. The more is the post production work on the photo the less is the chance the model is going to recognize herself on the photo :DDD

And here is the result:

And now, watch out! This is how she really looks like. Can you see the difference? :DDD 

And what is my 2nd lesson I've learned from this session? After learning the 20th retouching technique on Photoshop, you'll never say again that: "I'll believe it when I see it" - you simply won't believe even to your own eyes :D Especially not what you see in fashion magazines ... 

By the way, I've learned what I had to... and I was looking forward to the next session with less anxiety and even more enthusiasm. The result is coming soon!!  :D 


  1. Yep! not easy indeed... :) but the more you do it, the better you get :)

  2. Well said Adriana! And it's a never ending story :DDD