21 September 2013

Fairy tale wedding in Sligo Clarion ...

Why is it that I can talk about babies and baby sessions all day long but somehow when I load up these pictures and I want to say something, I am speechless? My first wedding ever... Ok, the first wedding where I've got this honor to capture the most important moments and maybe some of the less important ones... :)))
That day - and I mean every single minutes of it - touched my heart so deeply I cannot properly express with words. The atmosphere, the people... the sense that it is about only one moment still about eternity...  That morning I wept with the bride, I was tempted to have breakfast with their family - next time maybe :) - I felt God's presence in a hotel's chapel, I was on every single point of an imaginary emotional scale ... And now I let the photos to continue on what I have to say...

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