15 February 2012

Mum to be

Hi everyone:)) I'd like to share with you some very special experiences I've got today and some special Pictures too of course:)) Thanks be to Nathalie and her lovely family I've had chance to try myself in an other nice part of the portrait photography by let me take some maternity shoot today. To tell the truth it was much harder than I thought. I was thinking a lot in the car back home... and yes, I definitely was disappointed and a little bit sad. The session was not the same as I expected and I was wondering why... They were so helpful and nice - excellent models :)) But what was wrong with me??? Later I've checked the pics and I was surprised again...you know what?? The photos are great!!!:DDD How could it be happened??? It was difficult to find out, but now I think beacause there is so much differences between the kids and their parents. The children always full of life, never stop moving, they enjoy to be in their own world so intensively and cute way that makes the photographer's job very easy. The kids usually don't really mind what I ask them to do, they just try to involve me into their world...ad I LOVE it!! So natural...so true!!! What about the adults??? They are so obedient, so helpful what made me surprised. Nathalie and Mike were really interested in what I want them to do:))) Now I think this session was great. Not easy, not just a normal, usual thing but something greater and I've learned a lot. And I am not disappointed at all:))) I hope neither you won't when you look at the result!!!:))) With Love: Mariann xxx

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