30 March 2013

My very special Easter family and the cutie puppy :)

I just can't find words to describe how much I love this family and how much I am thankful to them for this afternoon we spent together. Yeah.. we actually spent together the whole afternoon, what is quite funny because normally I get a session done in an hour or two... but somehow this gang'd got me second time for a kind of "photography marathon" :D And I don't mind it at all ;)

Honestly guys... having fun with you made me forget about how much I miss my family this time around Easter so I would like to say a very special THANK YOU for all of you! You are simply wonderful and I really trust that the images are truthfully reflect my gratitude... and that you've got what you expected... or even a little bit more ;)))

Here is a collection of the family photos only in B&W...

The very girly one :)

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