4 March 2013

If mothers were flowers I'd pick you...

If funniest and greatest photo sessions were flowers I'd pick this one :) Ok, I know that every session is my favorite one, but this one was really-really a special one! First because it was a surprise and I love surprises :)) Than because we've organized it to my favorite beach ever - we've got a quite pretty weather, great company and what else we need to make a Saturday morning wonderful?? :) On the other hand it was my very first official Mother's Day session! Applause please!!! :))))

I've found this card in a book I picked up randomly while waiting for the family - Hmm... I don't believe in accidents!! :)

These boots make me constantly smile!! Is it normal? 

Honestly! How cute is this little man? It was not the first time I tried to snap him but it was definitely the first one when he posed me while showing his face, not his back... even a wee smile...ah! That's a miracle!! :))

Ok, this generation photo is not completely my idea, but... it is just such a great and mind blowing idea that worth to give up some of my pride :))

Showing the images was almost as good as creating them. The result is at least 24 "Goooorgeous" and 32 "Lovely" which is a really good rate :))) Mother's Day is just around the corner and I'm looking forward to a busy couple of days. Will be back soon with the latest! Happy Monday!!!! :)))

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