6 March 2013

Golden make up - brilliant job

Ah! I have such a lovely day! First because the sun was shining all day and I could smell the spring in the air! (It encouraged me greatly considering that some flu tries to win over me again.)  On the other hand because I've got the chance to make a session again with Adriana Ricci, who is the most talented make up artist I know. Ok, you can say I probably don't know too many of them but believe me Adriana can make miracles with her beauty stuff and we make a very good team together!  :))

What's more it was a great pleasure to work with Emma who is totally photogenic and lovely. I seriously think she could make money with modeling :) 

I basically love Black &White photos but I must admit this time I hardly decided to edit some as the colors were just so perfect anyway.

 You can see more photos by me and more stunning creations by Adriana if u follow the link:  Beauty by Ricci

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